Our Mission

Advanced Guatemalan Educational Support Foundation, Inc. (AGES) was created to support Panajachel Colegio Internacional (PCI) to provide an outstanding college preparatory international education accessible to needy Guatemalan youth, especially indigenous youth.

What We have Achieved so far

Our schools have placed students in the following institutions of higher education: Columbia University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, The University of California at Berkeley, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz, The University of British Columbia, The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Minnesota, Sarah Lawrence College, Occidental College, Bard College, Wesleyan University, and others in Europe, Mexico, North America, and South America. Beyond that, all graduates are at least fully bi-lingual, with significant percentages not only fluent in three, but often four languages. This language proficiency is a huge advantage, even for those who don’t go on to universities. Graduates are immediately hired into the local tourism-dominated job market, which is desperate for well-educated workers who can communicate in English as well as in Spanish.

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