Lend a Hand

Here is an IDEA for ways that you can all help in this effort.



PCI and AGES would ask everyone who visits this website to please share it with all your friends and family, American or other, to make them aware of this opportunity to get involved and support excellence and opportunity in Guatemalan education. You can use the share icons shown below.

For those who would like to donate now or later, please use the ‘donate’ button on either the PCI site www.panajachelcolegio.org, or the one shown below. While there, you can also stay current with all things relevant to the school’s progress and get more detailed information about the work of both groups. You can also contact ages if you have any supplies or other items to donate.

AGES also participates in the PayPal “Giving Fund” program. There are three primary ways you can help AGES when you use eBay. Click on the "ebay for charity" box that is displayed below and at the bottom every page of this website (except for the homepage). It will take you to a page where you can: 1) add AGES to your eBay charities, 2) sell an item with a designated percent going to AGES, and 3) shop for items that others are selling for AGES.

Amazon Smile Program

We would ask everyone who makes internet purchases on Amazon.com to join the “Amazon Smile” program, a system that donates 0.5% of your purchases on Amazon to a charity automatically… without costing (you) the buyer anything. Click on the yellow "Go to smile.amazon.com" button that is displayed below and at the bottom every page of this website. You can also Install Amazon Assistant to help you return to smile.amazon.com to support AGES. Sign up before your holiday shopping!

Amazon Associates Program

AGES Foundation is registered as an Amazon Associate on select Amazon country sites. Click on the “Amazon Associate” button below that is displayed below and at the bottom every page of this website. You will be taken to a page with buttons for several of the international Amazon pages. If you use those buttons to get to your Amazon page, up to 10% of the purchase price will be donated to AGES Foundation at no cost to you! Unfortunately, this option is only available for select Amazon country sites.


You can also create your own fundraiser for AGEs ...

by going to https://www.crowdrise.com/online-fundraising. Just select Advanced Guatemalan Educational Support as the receiving charity. Here is an example of a fundraiser made this way: